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Sharing knowledge

It really is quite simple: knowledge has no meaning if it is not spread. It’s the first reason why I created Pass-the-baton: to help other conductors in their technical challenges by sharing my own experience.

But I can’t be one thing only: I’m also a composer. In fact, composing was the first thing I’ve ever done in music, way before approaching conducting. I have a predilection for the human voice and for poetry (and, naturally, for opera), so if that’s what you’re after, take a look at these works.

Neither conducting or composing would be very successful without one key element: curiosity. Which is what makes me look for rare and unusual pieces to add to my music room.

What are you looking for?

New music

Chamber music, voice and piano, opera, and various arrangements for different ensembles.

Conducting tips

Conducting tips and how-to, plenty of articles and a full video course created for iClassical-Academy.


A collection of rare and unusual pieces, both from famous and from less performed composers.

All of the above are internal to this website. I’ve also compiled a list of resources for conductors and composers that includes books, online score archives, broadcast recordings, and manuscripts. 

Conducting Pills

A FREE video series with an analysis of structure, phrasing, and, of course, conducting tips of repertoire works: from Mozart to Brahms, from Beethoven to Debussy. A new episode every week!


Over the past few years, I’ve increased the number of articles, published works, and created a video course on conducting technique. This is not about bragging, rather about the joy that I get from learning that I could make your day better. And yes, comments like these make it all worth it:

Published Works

Happy Readers

Video Course


“These articles and the course helped me a lot in understanding what conductors can do. There is so much more than what we are usually taught!”

“I loved your ‘Wind among the Reeds’. I closed my eyes & I was in a forest on a warm spring morning”


A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.

– Leopold Stokowski

Meet Gianmaria

A walk in the score

...digging a bit deeper

From Schumann to De Falla, a closer look at some scores, with musical analysis and historical background.  

Free thoughts…

...in disarray

Thoughts on music, and music related facts, reviews, open letters, and whatever does not fit anywhere else. 

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