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Last updated Dec 19, 2019 | Published on May 20, 2015

Winner of a fellowship at the Bayreuther Festspiele, Mr. Griglio’s conducting has been praised for his “energy” and “fine details”. Mr. Griglio took part in the first world recording of music by composer Irwin Bazelon and conducted several world premieres like "The song of Eddie", by Harold Farberman, a candidate for the Pulitzer Prize. Principal Conductor of International Opera Theater Philadelphia for four years, Mr.Griglio is also active as a composer. His first opera, Camille Claudel, debuted in 2013 to a great success of audience and critics. Mr. Griglio is presently working on an opera on Caravaggio and Music Director of Opera Odyssey.

I recently experienced something that seems to be quite common in today’s concert halls: the annoying kid that will not stop moving, coughing, talking or pointing.

While others have interrupted the performance, I did not. Simply because when I turned to the kid to reprimand him, the orchestra kept playing.

How would you respond as an artist?

What got me thinking was not the kid’s behavior, but the teachers’: none of them moved from their seats in the attempt to calm down the child. Rather, they kept either watching the show as if nothing was happening, or, worse, tapping on their phones.

After getting over the initial upset-state this event caused, I came to the conclusion that it could have not happened otherwise: music is not considered an educational subject,

but a fly-by one.

It is part of the yearly program so you have to do it, but how you do it, it is not important.

In this respect, people from the middle ages were far more advanced than we are, considering music essential as much as mathematics to a person’s education.

How would you respond as a teacher or a parent if it was your child causing the disturbance?

PS: here’s a recent example of a concert being stopped


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Harold Farberman

  1. teresa

    Sono d’accordo ma questo non succede solo per la musica ma anche durante le visite a una mostra o a un museo. Spesso non si tiene conto di tutto il lavoro e di tutta la preparazione che sta dietro ad uno spettacolo.Dovrebbe essere un punto di orgoglio per le insegnanti partecipare in modo consapevole alle opportunità che oggi vengono offerte e dare adeguata preparazione agli scolari. Serve maggior rispetto e maggior educazione forse anche un po’ più di serietà

  2. Ala alfa

    People maybe think its normal, because they see it in bus, in airplan, in television. They are less sensitive to this issue or they expect somebody else to do first step…..Notice also other thing..Media have freedom of speech, but people are afraid to say opinion… Some lady teacher wanted to help the student in her class, who was out of control ignored by parents…So she supported him buemotionally. Then the boy started to say his classmates that he has relationship with the lady the teacher.. Then he commited suicide. Then she was attacked that it was her fault, she had to prove to curt that she did not have sexual relationship with him. Then They made movie about this story….When you ignore the kid, you re bad teacher, when you help him, you are accused of crazy stuff. I think world changed people dont have courage to say opinion, about anybody. Some guy said about this story that he would have to go everywhere with camera to prove things.But maybe this kind of ignorance will change.

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